Even when using advanced cable technologies, proper termination of any audio interface is essential to maintain optimum integrity of the signal as it enters and exits a cable.

At Stage III Concepts we came to realize that even the best-reviewed and most expensive cables in the audio industry often had one very important weak element in common: the connectors.

Stage III was surprised to see how often the most exotic audio cables were terminated with commercially available, mass-produced plugs. In many cases the connectors were generic and of inferior quality; using nothing more than cheap plated brass as a conductive element.

Stage III  is proud to present its proprietary line of HYPERION RCA, XLR and AC power connectors. These unique, high performance audio cable terminations were engineered and designed entirely by Stage III Concepts as a superior alternative to the "commercial name brand" connectors used by almost all other cable manufacturers.

HYPERION Advanced Audio Connectors employ only the most effective and highest purity conductive metals and plating (silver, palladium and copper). RCA and XLR plugs use low-mass, precision-machined silver pins and contacts. AC, IEC and SCHUKO plugs use a 60% silver/40% copper base alloy with silver and palladium plating for extreme conductivity and durability.

HYPERION connectors are solderless, however Stage III sometimes applies a small amounts of solder only to seal a pressure-crimped connection, never as a signal-carrying element. 

Stage III Concepts has also developed an exceptional ceramic-infused insulating polymer as well as a non-resonant carbon fiber shell material for exclusive use in our HYPERION connectors; both of these are manufactured entirely at their own facility.

Speaker cables employ Stage III's proprietary solid silver spades which are made using the same process as our silver wire: slow-extruded (not mold cast) then heat and cryo treated, providing a more uniform metal structure that perfectly matches the conductive properties of our AeroStrand™ wire. 

Our three different spade models are designed to suit the performance capabilities of each speaker cable series (BARON, MAGNUS, REFERENCE) and are all attached using an extreme-high-pressure crimping method. Banana terminations are optional on all speaker cables, and are made from pure silver plated beryllium copper.

All Stage III Concepts exclusive cable terminations are guaranteed to provide the highest level of performance, superb build quality and a distinctive appearance that few other cable manufacturers can offer.

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