In the instances where shielding is necessary, Stage III's exclusive 3-level TriSilencer™ shield makes it almost impossible for any distortion-causing interferences to reach the cable's conductors. This exclusive shielding system consist of nickel-plated copper, Mylar and conductive carbonized Nylon full coverage braids.

For complete immunity to EMI/RF interference, Stage III Concepts' A.S.P. Reference series employs our exclusive H.D.A. shielding making these cables literally invulnerable to radiation intrusions of any type.

H.D.A.(High Density Alloy) is a unique solid foil material developed specifically for protecting sensitive medical and military equipment and cabling from all external electromagnetic interferences.

Silver plated copper braid surrounds the H.D.A. layer and helps protect the foil as well as delicate inner components from sharp bends while adding and additional layer of EMI/RF shielding.

To avoid conductor/shield interactions that can negatively affect sound quality, precise spacing between the conductors and the shield is carefully considered for each cable type and its specific application. Our shielded cable designs never use the shield as a signal-carrying element; all shields are passive "floating" type.

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