Revelation Audio Labs Cryo-Silver Ref. umbilical power

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Revelation Audio Labs Passage Cryo-Silver™ Reference umbilical power 

True Audiophile has listened to the full line from Revelation Audio Labs and with many audiophiles in attendance. We've concluded this represents the best value in silver audio connectors. This umbilical is a great upgrade to Bel Canto products. -- True Audiophile mini review

You will be utterly astounded when you hear the huge improvements “this little cable” makes to your music! For Musical Fidelity X-PSU v.3 and Xv.3-Series components; MSB DACs, pre-amps and power supplies (all models and versions including Platinum and Gold); Monolithic HC-1 and HC-2 power supplies, PS-1 and PS-2 phono pre-amps, PA-1 line stage; Audio Alchemy Power Stations with detachable power cable. 3-pin, 5-pin, 6-pin DIN and 1/8” phono-connector models available - PLEASE SPECIFY.

Also 8-pin upgrade for MSB Analog and Platinum DAC, Revelation Audio Labs umbilical power cable


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Revelation Audio Labs can be ordered in many different colored jacketing. From Revelation color to basic black to many colors that match interiors. Just let us know when ordering.


True Audiophile :: Revelation Audio Labs Passage Cryo-Silver™ Reference umbilical power cable

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Width: 13.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 3.00
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Warranty: Reviews from real customers: Paradise analog interconnect cable: “I have installed a 26-foot pair of your balanced (Paradise) Cryo-Silver interconnects and burned them in for at least your suggested time and am now listening. I will leave it to others to describe the incredible resulting details. I will say only that I have been listening less to the music I love since I can no longer listen as background music. I am pulled into the music I hear as I never have before. A full symphony, quartet or piano concerto leaves me so emotionally and sonically sated that I cannot continue without a breather. Instruments, harmonies, duets, etc. use me up quickly and leave me ecstatic. I am now very careful to select music that I really want to hear for I know that incredible sound is what will come out of my speakers, both instrumentals and vocals. One last but important point is that I now longer have that subliminal urge (around for 50 years) to add or change equipment since I keep reminding myself that I have reached a point of utter satisfaction. Thank you Brad!” — H.S. “I am sending you a copy of a performance of the Verdi “Requiem Mass.” It was performed in Amsterdam in 1939 just before the beginning of the Second World War. Verdi was an agnostic, but was so moved by the death of a great Italian writer by the name of Manzoni that he was overcome by the need to honor him in God's name. I was so moved when I heard this piece through your cables, notwithstanding the age of the recording. The clarity of the performers was amazing. I was in tears before it ended and I never do that. I do attribute the emotions to the use of your cables for I have listened to the recording before and never had such a reaction.” — H.S. “I have had my second set of ICs in for about 350+ hours now...and just ordered a digital cable. I seem to be on the way to an all Revelation cabled system. The addition of the second IC was not a subtle change but one easily recognized...even from another room. The balance, the relaxed presentation, the dynamics, the sense of the music, etc., etc.,...all dramatically improved. These ICs have allowed me to much more easily avoid "listening to the system" and just enjoy the music. They were more than a 1+1 improvement. The whole synergy was greatly enhanced. I know “your mileage may vary,” but I am “on the bandwagon.” They have just contributed greatly to my regaining the pleasure of listening, and the reason I (we) are addicts of / addicted to this hobby.” — R.P. “I have used many interconnect cables in my system, including Audience Au24, Empirical Audio Holophonic PC, Ridge Street Audio Poiema! and Poiema!!, Acoustic Zen (both copper and silver versions), and Kimber Select 1030. Simply said, Revelation Audio Labs Paradise interconnects bring the music to life like no other interconnect I've used in my system.” — G.J. “Hi Brad, how are you? Your RCA (analog interconnect cable) is great. I have let a Hi-Fi reviewer on hear it and he also admired the great sound of the cable. oh oh oh what a fantastic cable! Beats the Kimber KS. I am going to sell my Siltech interconnect cables. But your interconnect is "growing" yet, and the sound is great. After (further) listening, I shall write a review about the cable. I'm doing my best to promote yor cables in Holland.” — Have a good day, Wijnand “Hi Brad, The Revelation Audio Labs 'Paradise' CryoSilver Reference interconnects are by far the best I've ever owned, and have owned a really big list of cables. These cables just get out of the way and let the music through - highs, midrange, and low end are right, and where they are supposed to be. This is the most natural, unrestrained sound I have ever had in my system. If high end audio is your thing you need these cables - they won't disappoint. Brad Vojtech has been more than helpful in my quest for the sound of music. Thanks Brad for keeping me up half the night listening to my system again, I do not want to turn it off and go to bed, so I know it is right. You wouldn't put inferior cables on your race car - don't do it on your high end music system. These cables are truly great - and will not cost you an arm and a leg. The only problem is, getting used to these, you won't be able to settle for less - I won't.” —J.R.