Reed 5T Tangential Tone Arm take Arms to the Extreme

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Reed 5T Tangential ToneArm. Tangential the Precision Reed Way

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Being dedicated Turntable enthusiasts and Precision Alignment Experts we're always looking for arms that look as good as they perform. While loved by the top TT reviewers here in the U.S. there's not a ton of exposure for Reed. Which is a shame. They are brilliant examples of what is possible with a sophisticated tonearm. --Mini Review by True Audiophile

*Note: due to the many options each arm will be built to your exact specifications. Once paid we will order and have been receiving the arms within 3-5 weeks.

Reed 5T is their first appearance in the tangential tonearm domain. Yet by no means a novice attempt. The 5T features a unique design, innovative technological solutions and high quality. All dedicated to the true audio passionate. The 5T is one of the most advanced tonearms Reed has ever made.

Reed 5T technically is a tangentially tracking pivoted tonearm. It’s working principle is based on Thales’ theorem (if the center of a triangle’s circumcircle lies on the triangle then the triangle is right, and the center of its circumcircle lies on its hypotenuse) and the rule, that given three non-collinear points, it is possible to draw only one circle that has finite radius and passes through all three. (Fig. 1)


Figure 1


  • P1, O1, P3 – Thales’ semicircle,
  • Angles P1-A1-P3, P1-A2-P3, P1-A3-P3 are 90 degrees each,
  • Segments A1B1 = A2B2= A3B3 represent length of a tonearm,
  • B – Tonearm vertical axis,
  • P2 represents a center of circle, drawn through three points – B1,B2 and B3 (tonearm rotation axis),
  • P3 – Linear Sensor Array,
  • BP3 – Laser beam.

Arm tube suspension system is similar to one used in Reed 2G tonearm, and the tonearm’s turning part is based on low noise thrust-sleeve bearing. For angular rotation of tonearm we designed and built limited rotation sectional torque motor. Tonearm’s position is controlled by laser and linear sensor array.

Reed 5T has user-replaceable arm tube – feature, which allows to change tonearm’s effective mass yourself. Tonearm also has VTA and azimuth adjustments.

Reed 5T has following advantages if compared with pivot tonearms:

  • Smaller moment of inertia,
  • No need for anti-skating mechanism,
  • Max tracking error is +/- 5 Minute of Angle (MOA). (Figure 2). Pivot tonearms usually have max tracking errors up to 1.5 deg.



Figure 2

Reed 5T’s advantages compared to other tangential tonearms:

  • Few times smaller moment of inertia,
  • No need for complicated additional devices (air compressor),
  • Compact and sleek design.
  • Effective mass in both vertical and horizontal directions is similar



 Wenge                                                                                             Macassar Ebony

Wenge macassar-ebony

Cocobolo                                                                                           Teak light

Cocobolo  Teak light armwand tonearm

Teak dark

Teak dark armwand tonearm


Approximate effective mass of Reed tonearm in grams. Armwand’s effective mass can be adapted to customer’s needs in a range of 8-18 grams.
Cocobolo   12-18
Makassar ebony   10-14
Wenge   10-14
Teak (dark, light)   8-14
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