IsoAcoustic OREA Graphite Isolating Component Feet

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Award Winning IsoAcoustic OREA 'Graphite' Isolating Component Feet

At True Audiophile

We've been on the hunt for speaker and component isolators that not only worked and looked good, but weren't insanely expensive. And by worked we mean a very audible difference. Not a slightly perceived difference one had to struggle to hear. Welcome IsoAcoutics! -- Mini review by True Audiophile 

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Weight capacity for Graphite is 4 lbs per isolator. We recommend a Minimum of Three.

We carry the full range of IsoAcoustic Isolators. Just find out the weight of each component to select the right product for you. 


 “The improvement in sound is most definitely audible, producing a cleaner and deeper bass, and a more focused soundstage.” 


 “…the IsoAcoustics Iso-Pucks, both standard and Mini, are extremely elegant both in terms of their styling and engineering, and they are genuinely, impressively effective. Highly recommended.” 

 Eddie Kramer


 “I love the way the ISO-PUCKs have given us the clarity and focus in our mixes. The immediate reaction on first hearing was: Wow!!, way more definition in the stereo image!!” 

 “Having already proven what the technology can offer from the previous line I felt the ISO-PUCKS would immediately become a swiss army knife of sorts for anything that needed isolation. Not only do they deliver in the quality that you’d expect, you can use them in a variety of situations that other designs wouldn’t have made possible.”

 Greg Wurth, Recording Engineer


“Install IsoAcoustics GAIAs, replacing whatever footers your speakers came with. In every instance I'm familiar with, the GAIAs produced a marked improvement in overall clarity…”

- Robert Deutsch, Stereophile's Editors' Choices of 2018


Harry Weisfeld

Founder, VPI Industries

IsoAcoustics was pleased to be invited to one of VPI Industries’ listening rooms to demo the GAIA I’s under a pair of KEF Blades. Harry Weisfeld, founder of VPI Industries and Dipinjeet Sehdev of KEF America immediately heard tighter bass, more clarity and a wider soundstage.

Harry Weisfeld later said: “Installing the GAIA isolators on my KEF Blades gave the biggest improvement in sound I have ever heard on the system. Better than changing cables or electronics, the noise floor was lower, the focus was better, and the bass went deeper. All around a total success.”











OREA Graphite Isolating Component Feet. At True Audiophile.

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