EAT Massive Record Weight Improves Sound Massively

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EAT Isn't Joking About Massive. A Hefty 800+ Grams including damping.

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Reviewers are in complete agreement on this Record Weight.

"Recently I reported on a turntable combo (based on the C-Sharp) challenging the state of the art in phono reproduction at under $10,000, all in. Time to add one more item to the combo which brings it a full 10% closer to the best of the best. So close in fact, I could live with this set-up until the audio cows come home.

Add the EAT Massive Record Weight, at over 800 grams!, 50% heavier with a smaller footprint than the very nice provided weight. The Massive, at about $195...brings you better and clearer imaging, less chance of the cartridge striking it, and more clarity at all frequencies. It yielded about 50% of the improvement of the interconnect swap. No kidding!

It is much more sophisticated than the supplied weight, which outside of its lovely style is very old think: all metal, pretty heavy, and felt at the record label. The Massive is made of exotic non-ringing alloy with three rings of polymer compound like those used to support the sub-chassis so effectively. It also features polymer on the part striking the record label. At over 800 grams, it does not bother the motor speed of the C Sharp, but is the heaviest record weight I have ever used.

The improvement with the Massive is immediate and major, so I consider this a must-own.   Bob Levi - Positive Feedback February 2017

The EAT Massive Record Weight! 2 lbs. of authority, bringing transparency, greater detail, and nice sonic stability. It’s pictured here with the world-class Wave Kinetics NVS reference turntable and isolation platform, with the new KLAudio Linear Tracking Tonearm and the Van den Hul Colibri Signature Stradivarius Cartridge.  At $195.00, it’s a real bargain for LP lovers. This one is a’s not leaving here! ... I agree with Bob Levi on the EAT Massive. It's the real thing...The Massive weight has now become part of Positive-Feedback Editor-in-Chief Dr. Robinson's Reference System


Massive Record Weight, at over 800 grams!, 50% heavier with a smaller footprint than the very nice provided EAT weight.



EAT Massive Record Weight Improves Sound Massively. True Audiophile

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