Audion Silver Night 2A3 SET Anniv. Stereo HardWired Amp

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Integrated w/5 inputs Required
Remote: Motorized Analog Volume Pot Required

Audion Silver Night Anniversary 2A3 Amplifier

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Audion combined with 2A3's is sweet magic. There's no other way to simplify it....Mini Review by True Audiophile

These Audion amps are all hard wired. Our intermediate power amplifier, uses 2A3 tubes Like all our amplifiers they ares hand built. The Silver Night Stereo range can reproduce subtleties and nuances in music that cannot be found in other amps of this price.  Auto biased and have very conservative watt ratings which is equal to almost twice their rating if tested by competitors methods.

Audion Silver Night Anniversary 2A3 amplifier is hand built and point to point hard wired (Air Wired©). We avoid the use of Chinese components where possible. This triode based stereo amp uses no (zero) feedback in the design. 

The Silver Night range of amplifiers are the best known of the Audion products, and the ones that have won most awards, notably amp of the year in Japan 2010. The SN 300B hard wired was the amp originally reviewed by Sam Tellig that put Audion’s name onto the map. This Silver Night Anniversary 2A3 is best suited for use with loudspeakers of 96db or better efficiency.The amps deliver 4 watts into 8 ohms from a 2A3. 

Having a volume control on the front and stereo inputs on the rear means that a pre-amplifier is not necessary with this unit. The 2A3 comes with KR PX25 tubes. Integrated option (5 Stereo inputs is available). The chassis is black powder coated aluminum as is the transformer cover. The top plate and badge are mirror finished stainless steel. 

The 2A3 is a good amp to use with Horn loudspeakers as it has an extra 2 power supply stages and is quieter (less than 1mV noise). All of these amps are wired for 8 ohms, however they have a 4 ohm tapping that can be changed internally. As the brand name is so well known this is the most popular selling amp in our line-up and the one that wins hearts and minds.

The current Silver Night Anniversary is now 5th Generation product, originally being sold in 1987.

All Audion Stereo Amps are available as an integrated which provides 5 inputs and tape. Volume remote is also an option.

Optional upgrades are interstage capacitors and superior resistors. Prices quoted per request due to changing market pricing.

Components of the Audion components:

  • Transformers and chokes are design and handmade by Audion: Mains, chokes and output transformers.
  • Superior quality parts sourced from Europe or the US. Even the capacitors are made to Audion’s exacting specifications.
  • Chassis’ are finished in-house which includes powder coating and electroplating to ensure quality.
  • Special voicing of Audion amplifiers requires every part be meticulously designed to meet their standards.
  • Every component is hand built usually point to point. Once burned in they listen again in case they are not satisfied before releasing each unit.

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Warranty2 years. Tubes 6 months. 

Audion Silver Night Anniversary 2A3 Specifications:

Power: 2 x 4 Watts Class A into 8 Ohms at 120V AC 
Load: 8 Ohm Nominal
Distortion @ 1Watt: <0.1% No Feedback
Frequency Response: 10 – 45 KHz ±3 db
Sensitivity: Variable >150mV Full output 
Noise: < (CCIR) – 95 db
Consumption: 130 Watts 
Tubes: 2 x 300B, 2 x 6922/E88CC/6H23N
Size - 16.5in deep, 9in wide and 7.4in tall - Less tubes Weight 31lbs 
Fuses - Power 4A / 120V


Audion Silver Night 2A3 Anniversary Stereo Hard Wired Amplifier. Now at True Audiophile.

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