Atlas Arran Grun Z/S/E Speaker Cable

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Atlas Arran Grun Z/S/E Speaker Cable. True Reference

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We literally spent 3 months testing this cable line both in-house and with clients. The initial claims made us suspicious. After all the feedback we gave in. These are remarkable cables, especially at their price. Feel confident that your hard earned audio dollars were well spent -- True Audiophile 

The Ear:

What Atlas have done with the Arran Ultra L RCA Grun sets a benchmark for cable resolution that few alternatives are likely to reach, when used with the Grun power adapter they resolve fine detail to an astonishing degree. What Atlas says about noise being the enemy of sound quality is absolutely true, and they have managed to eliminate more noise than the majority of competitors. If you can keep EMI and RFI noise away from the signal you end up with a higher effective signal to noise ratio and that means more music and fabulous sound. I have inevitably ended up in situations where I need a third interconnect, for a second source usually, and the need to use something else always compromises the results of a pure Arran Ultra L RCA signal carrying chain. It’s one of those components that becomes more essential the longer you use it, this cable is addictive.


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Editor's Choice HIGH FI CHOICE -Arran Ultra RCA Grun & Transpose Speaker Cables Grun…the sound was richly detailed, as it should be, at once sweet, clear and with striking instrumental power and textures. Whatever the album, Arran sets the tingle factor to stunning. Read Full Review Here

EAR 5-STARS - Arran Ultra RCA Grun & Transpose Speaker Cables Grun. Those serious about unlocking the full potential of their sound systems with transparent, natural-sounding cables owe Arran a listen. "I found the Atlas offerings more musically engaging than the reference cables they replaced" Read Full Review Here

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Arran Speaker Grun Z/S/E

5-Year Guarantee

The Arran Speaker Grun is an advanced wide-bandwidth OCC loudspeaker cable which represents the pinnacle of our design & manufacturing expertise.

A technically and sonically sophisticated loudspeaker cable created to fully complement the world’s finest audio components. Situated between our acclaimed Mavros and Asimi ranges, the Arran family represents Atlas’ most accomplished OCC copper audio cables to date.

The Arran Speaker Grun features high purity ‘6N’ (99.99997% purity) elongated crystal copper manufactured using the OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) process. Six solid OCC copper conductors are meticulously encased within a graduated dielectric formed by air voids, cotton spiral and tension controlled wrapped PTFE is further enhanced by the SSG (super stabilised geometry) layer which maintains the cable symmetry constant over its length.

Termination is with our cold-weld Transpose Modular Termination System, and may be ordered with Z (Z-plug), S (spade) or E (Expanding) plug cold-weld connectors, the latter is the default factory-fitted option.

In a cold-weld (solder-free) connection, the metal of the connector plug and the wire are squeezed together under a calibrated pressure to form a robust, consistent, air-tight metal to metal contact with no deformation of the cable dielectric. The result is a smooth, uninterrupted signal path which behaves as one continuous entity.

Widely acclaimed by the world’s specialist audio press as a key element in achieving the highest possible level of system performance, results with our Arran cables are further enhanced by the configuration of our Grun cables and adapter options. (Basic adapter included).

Standard or Luxe finish options are available.




Construction Multi-core
Material OCC
Dielectric Microporous PTFE
Screen N/A
Capacitance 42.08 pF/m
Inductance 0.707 µH/m
Resistance 0.0059 Ohms/m
Outside Diameter 17.5 mm


Arran Speaker Grun Z/S/E True Reference. At True Audiophile

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