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Analysis Plus Oval 9 Speaker Cable. 6 FEET SPADE

Now at True Audiophile.

The New Black Oval 9 with Black jacket - Using Better Dialectic materials for a more open/detailed signal. Oval 9 is a massive 9 gauge speaker cable capable of handling deep bass notes played at high volume.

This cable is  fast and detailed but without the harshness often associated with silver cables.

Constructed of oxygen-free copper, woven into our patented hollow oval geometry in an oval-coaxial configuration.

Don't be fooled by the low price. These reference cables can keep up with ones costing far more. We consider Analysis Plus maximum value for product. -- True Audiophile mini review

Revolutionary Hollow Oval Conductor Design

Analysis Plus is uniquely qualified as an authority on speaker cable design. The Flushing, Michigan-based company earned its reputation testing and analyzing cables for leading cable manufacturers whose names you'd recognize in a flash. After examining the best, Analysis Plus decided it could do even better by developing its own proprietary hollow-oval conductor design.

Why the unique conductor geometry? Mark Markel and Qinwei Sun, the chief engineers at Analysis Plus, determined that round cable used in conventional speaker cable designs has high levels of current bunching, skin effect phenomenon, and other frequency characteristics that degrade signal quality. Rectangular conductors were a little better, but these suffered high electric field values caused by sharp corners which can also cut into and injure the dielectric when the cable is flexed.

After many computer simulations, Analysis Plus found that a hollow oval cable was the best design due to its minimal change in resistance with frequency, plus other benefits. The company chose a flexible, braided conductor rather than the conventional solid conductor, which is susceptible to kinks and deformations with resulting signal degradation. A unique woven pattern places every wire statistically as close to the return current as every other wire for evenly distributed high-current density and superior sound.

Oval Nine incorporates a patent-pending woven design in which every conductor wire is statistically as close to the return current as every other wire. The result is evenly distributed current density that adds up to better signal transfer than conventional solid-conductor cable designs. The conductor consists of high-purity oxygen free copper combined with a computer-matched dielectric to give the best possible performance.

Analysis Plus  Oval 9 Speaker Cable. Now at True Audiophile.

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"Best Cable I Have Yet Auditioned in My System"

The conductor of the Beijing Symphony remarked that Oval Nine was the most realistic cable he'd ever heard for classical music reproduction. The unique geometry of Oval Nine's hollow oval cross-section design with braided conductors requires handcrafted termination. Each cable requires over an hour of handwork to complete, but the added benefits are worth the extra care.

"Analysis Plus Oval 9 copper cable is excellent," reports Michael Fremer in Stereophile. "It outperformed my (very expensive but no longer available) Yamamura 6000...."

"The Oval Nine speaker cable is a Reviewers' Choice product if there ever was one," marvels Ian White in the June 2000 SoundStage! "Oval Nine increased transparency, low-end resolution, and depth right out of the box."

"Taken as a totality, this is the best cable I have yet auditioned in my system," says Stuart McCreary in the May 2000 issue of Stereo Times.

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