Accuphase C-3900. The finest pre-amp in the world.

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Accuphase C-3900 is the finest Pre-Amp in the world. Full Stop. A masterwork of pure Dual-Mono design in a single chassis.

At True Audiophile.

This is, without a doubt, the most un-compromised PreAmp on the planet. Everything is proprietary down to the grease used. Be sure to click on the brochure. The C-3900 is an Audio Masterpiece. -- Mini Review by True Audiophile

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Accuphase's founding, the development of a new flagship model to incorporate the entire wealth of the company's experience was begun. Now, after five years, the work is complete. The C-3900 represents an uncompromising harmony of technology and sensibility, boasting ultimate performance and sound quality that ushers in a new era of the preamplifier.

The Dual Balanced AAVA design with two balanced AAVA circuits delivers sonic excellence that is transparence itself. Volume adjustment is realized while retaining all the vibrant energy and richness of detail that is the life breath of an artistic performance. The supple elegance of music as reproduced by the top-of-the-line C-3900 is a moving experience that reflects the impressive depth of Accuphase know-how.

  • Dual Balanced AAVA volume control
  • High-gain discrete current feedback type input amplifier 
  • ANCC technology minimizes noise and distortion 
  • Newly developed volume sensor construction 
  • Separate toroidal power transformers for left and right
  • Newly developed filtering capacitors
  • Separate unit amplifiers for left and right
  • Printed circuit boards using glass cloth fluorocarbon resin
  • Wood cabinet with natural grain finish
  • High-performance headphone amplifier





The C-3900 has a complete symmetric layout centered on stout power supply with large toroidal transformer. Heat dissipation is increase with radiation fins. Power Supply also includes 12 specially made 10000μF capacitors.


Amplifier circuits are mounted on gold plated glass cloth fluorocarbon resin PC-boards. The fully modular construction has superior effects on heat dissipation performance and the ease of maintenance.



The music signal is carefully considered with the custom designed volume mechanism for infinitesimal degradation of the signal in AAVA along with dual balanced AAVA. 

The mechanism is just a position sensor to set sound volume.

Knowing the tactile feel of the volume knob is very important for audio enthusiasts, we've design one that achieves that goal.

The volume sensor mechanism's operation has that feel and was newly developed for the C-3800’s project.

The C-3900's motor and gears are mounted within a floating mechanism. From the custom-made grease, to all other audio insanity to detail results in a smooth operation and super-quiet volume adjustment.



C-3900 has the lowest noise performance in our 48 years’ history of making the Accuphase pre-amplifier. Its output noise voltage is 30% lower than C-3850’s figure which was the world’s best performance at that time.


C-3900 has the lowest noise performance in the 48 years’ history of Accuphase pre-amplifier.

Its output noise voltage is 30% lower than C-3850’s figure which was the world’s best performance at that time.

The AAVA(Accuphase Analog Vari-gain Amplifier) is a radically different volume control principle that eliminates all variable resistors from the signal path.

The former model C-3850 employs two AAVA modules in a fully balanced configuration from input to output.
It’s called Balanced AAVA.

In the C-3900, the balanced AAVA principle is further elevated by driving 2 such units in parallel, resulting in the Dual Balanced AAVA topology with significantly improved electrical characteristics.


When the amplification circuits are connected in series using as a multi-stage amplifier, the noise characteristic is improved by increasing the amplification degree at the 1st stage.

Similarly for AAVA, the C-3900 achieved its patented noise performance by applying a high-gained Input amplifier at its 1st stage.


ANCC: “Accuphase Noise and Distortion Canceling Circuit” is installed at the current to voltage converter of each AAVA.

Cancelling noise and distortion happens by detecting the noise distortion components at the input stage of an I- V converter module, then by injecting the cancelling current which contains the reversed polarity of those components.

ANCC is a highly effective technology at any volume position.


A summing amplifier is used for cancelling noise by synthesizing each AAVA output.

In the C-3900, 4 paralleled summing amplifiers are mounted on the balance-output and line-output, this provides dramatic results for noise reduction.

The theoretical noise generated in summing amplifier will be 1/2(=√4)by this 4 parallel configuration.


The headphone amplifier uses fully discrete circuits with a newly designed parallel push-pull output stage.

The adaptable impedance is 8 ohm or above. Gain setting is selectable.

An elegant, high-quality remote commander is supplied. 


Accuphase C-3900 is the finest Pre-Amp in the world. Full Stop. At True Audiophile.

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