XLO Reference 3 Interconnect

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XLO Reference 3 R3-1 Interconnect. 

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Reference 3 

Reference 3 cables are expertly engineered to deliver exceptionally neutral sound, tight, powerful bass, and an engaging mid range with clean and extended highs. Hear more deeply and feel more connected to music than ever before!

R3-1 Single-Ended Audio Cable 

XLO’s updated Reference 3 Series features 6N Laboratory-grade copper conductors in a “quasi-random” Field-Balanced™ surface/diving winding technique that minimizes frequency-related phase-shift allowing XLO cables to work better with a greater number of components.

Core material & technology

Field-Balanced Surface/Diving Winding Geometry™

Exclusive WaveLink™ technology

Treated 6N (99.99998% pure) lab-grade copper conductors

Ultra-low capacitance non-fluorinated polymer dielectric insulation

Low-capacitance low self inductance hand-terminated 24K mil-spec direct gold-plated RCA connectors

Cable identification ring

Available from 0.5m - 5.0m | Custom lengths available

XLO Reference 3 R3-1 interconnect Cable. Now at True Audiophile

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