Tru Zen Ultra DIN Phono. Ultra Performance for Price.

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Tru Zen Ultra DIN Phono Cables. Ultra Performance without Ultra Price.

Only at True Audiophile.

Tru Zen is the result of more than 40 years of listening experience and intensive testing. Each level of Tru Zen is designed  so an audiophile can purchase a cable that performs at least twice its cost. In many situations, 3 times.  

When we say we listened, we really listened. We listen to connectors. We listened to geometry. We listened to hundreds of cables. We listen to jacketing. We even listened to solder. We put everything on a scope, then we listen some more.  

We learned to pay special attention to mass and getting it down as low as possible for superior signal transfer and audio performance.-- True Audiophile mini review 

The Tru Zen Ultra Interconnects are created from specially sourced and superior designed components. 

The cable itself is specially shielded with twin conductors that are merged into one for the best and most conductive signal transfer. 

Tru Zen Ultra termination is what we consider the finest of all RCA terminations: KLE termination with its unique audio ground. 

As one review puts it, “I cannot recall my modestly priced hi-fi ever reproducing music with such clarity. Every instrument, every artist, every venue, every album, is being reproduced in a manner that would normally be attributed to spending thousands of dollars on significantly better components…Even my oldest recordings are revealing details I’ve never before heard. There is also a warmth that was previously missing, which is especially nice for digital playback, creating a more engaging rendition, with what appears to be a much larger “sweet spot” as a bonus”. 

The jacketing is originally created for the military for rejection of spurious frequencies and is highly Anti-Static. This results in faster break-in and zero static attack which affects 99.99% of all cables. Static will create a whitish hash no matter how well shielded the cable. 

Even the shrink tubing is specially designed for longevity. -- True Audiophile mini review

*These are the same shielded cable as the Ultra with DIN connector and added Ground wire.

Tru Zen Ultra DIN Phono. Ultra Performance for Price.

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Width: 12.00
Height: 3.00
Depth: 14.00
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