Tru Zen Initial Phono. Value + Awesome Performance.

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Tru Zen Introduces Sensibly Priced Phono Cables that Don't Skimp on Performance.

Only at True Audiophile.

Available for Audio Concierge (in Home Demo)

Tru Zen is the result of more than 40 years of listening experience and intensive testing. Each level of Tru Zen is designed so an audiophile can purchase a cable that performs at least twice its cost. In many situations, 3 times.  

When we say we listened, we really listened. We listen to connectors. We listened to geometry. We listened to hundreds of cables. We listen to jacketing. We even listened to solder. We put everything on a scope, then we listen some more. 

We learned to pay special attention to mass and getting it down as low as possible for superior signal transfer and audio performance.-- TA 

Tru Zen Initial is our most modestly priced interconnect. They’re made for audiophile’s who don’t have the budget for higher priced cables, yet don’t want to buy inferior off the shelf “Amazon’s Best” or similar run of the mill cable. This is an audiophile level cable at a sensible price. Hand Made in the US. 

The cable is shielded and made of the purest copper. The modest termination is the result of shootouts with many RCA terminations. The one we use is a lightweight high performance connector.

This is the same as the Initial Cable built for Phono with a ground wire. Price is per meter. If you need longer or shorter just contact us.

Best for budget level solid state. Phono.

Tru Zen Incredibly Reasonable in Price. Spectacular in performance.

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Width: 12.00
Height: 3.00
Depth: 14.00
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