Tri-Art S-Series 25w Integrated Amp

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Tri-Art S-Series 25w Integrated Amp

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Consistent with all of our products in the S-Series, the 25-Watt integrated amplifier was designed specifically to outperform its price target by a wide margin. The single ended Class “D” amplifier boasts an efficient 25-watt RMS into an 8-ohm load. It offers a warm, articulate presentation, noticeable especially in vocals. Our trademark bamboo cabinet is essential to the sound as well as the beautiful appearance. Featuring a convenient remote control. The Integrated Amplifier has one Stereo pair input. For multiple sources, add the S-Series Switch box to add up to six source components to the pre-amplifier.


  • Impedance: 25 Watts per Channel @ 8Ω
  • Class: Class D Single Ended
  • Power: 24 Volt DC 5 Amps External Power Supply
  • Input: One (1) Stereo Pair
  • Output: One (1) Stereo Pair
  • Cabinet: Bamboo with 1/4″ Anodized Face Plate
  • Includes: Remote Control


Tri-Art S-Series 25w Integrated Amp

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