Tri-Art P-Series CD/Blu-Ray Player

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Tri-Art P-Series CD/Blu-Ray Player

At True Audiophile

Tri-Art design criteria for the S-Series MM phono amplifier was to design a good phono amplifier for a modest investment. We met the criteria for a modest investment, but we overachieved on the sound quality. With a MM gain of 63 db gain and a unique op amp that to our knowledge has never been used with an audio component.
Featuring an RF shield as well as RF filtering and a 3-stage subsonic filter, the sound is warm and clean and quote lifelike. Component selection was critical, and we completed the amp without the use of carbon resistors
or ceramic capacitors.


  • Features:
    • 3D Blu-Ray Compatible
    • Multi-Format Playback
    • Photo Viewer
    • Dolby Digital
  • Output:
    • Component Output (Black RCA Serves as Digital Audio S/PDIF Out! – S/PDIF Transforms Player Into a Transport Only when used with External DAC)
    • HDMI Out
    • RCA Analogue Out
    • 2 USB (2.0 Type A) 1 at Front/1 at Back Plate
  • Cabinet and Support:
    • Laser Rails Mounted to Brass 4″, 3mm Thick Isolation Plate for Improved Sound
    • Bamboo Cabinet, Soaked in Hemp Oil and Sealed in Beeswax
    • Hand-Brushed Aluminium Front and Back Plate
    • Packed with Unbleached Natural and Fire Resisting Sheep’s Dampening Wool
    • Sorbothane® Hemisphere and Bamboo Cup Isolation Feet
  • Shipping:
    • Dimensions: H: 3.4″ W: 12.4″  D: 10.3″ 
    • Weight: 6.8 lbs 
  • Included:
    • Remote Control
    • Stereo Pair RCA Interconnects


Tri-Art P-Series CD/Blu-Ray Player. At True Audiophile.

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