Tri-Art Open Baffle 5 Reference Speaker. Hit of the Audio Shows.

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NEW Tri-Art Audio B5 Open Baffle Speakers. Tri-Art Reference.

Now at True Audiophile.

Price is for ONE PAIR Includes  Stands & Tri-Art BB Crossover Inductors

We've been accused of not liking speakers. Not true. Just most speakers that don't perform to a high level of sonic bliss. These Open Baffle speakers by Tri-Art have been coming on strong and were the hit of Axpona 2019 gathering numerous awards. --TA 

“Freakishly, outlandishly capable (From what I’ve heard)” “Top 3 of show.” Dagogo – Axpona 2019

“…these B Series 5 Open Speakers from Tri-Art Audio were designed to provide impressive bass response without the boom of conventional box speakers.” The Audio Beatnik  – Axpona 2019

“If you have a thing for fine wood furniture or musical instruments, or just love to be surrounded by the warm look and feel of bamboo, be sure to check out Tri-Art.” 

SoundStage! Access  – Montreal Audio Fest 2019

“As at past shows, the sound of the all-Tri-Art system was delightful— colorful and tactile…” Stereophile  – Montreal Audio Fest 2019

“… these speakers are really amazing sounding, with soundstage and imaging that trumped many much more expensive rooms at the show.” Spencer Holbert – The Absolte Sound

 These are available in a myriad of stains/colors. As soon as we have samples we'll put them on here.

  • 5 - Open   Open Baffle System

    Rated Impedance :  8 Ohm

    Sensitivity :  97 dB (1W/1m)

    Frequency range:  27 – 150'000 Hz (+/- 3dB)

    Recommended Amplifier rating (tube amps): 

    • 12 - 75 W at 8 Ohm

    Recommended amplifier rating (SS amps): 

    • 25 - 150 W at 8 Ohm


    2 inputs :
    Input 1 :

    • 20watts

    • 8" full range 

    • 1" fabric dome tweeter 13,000hz and up

    • Super Tweeter 18,000 to 150,000Hz

    Input 2 :

    • Up to 150watts

    • 2 x 15" woofer 

    All Inputs and outputs are 5-way binding posts



Crossover Details (Optional)
  • Optional crossover:

    • 2 inputs

    • 3 outputs (including a set .5 meter jumper cables with banana plugs)

      • Output 1 (full range)

        • 100watt Solen attenuator 

        • 47ohm resistor 

        • 100hrz single solen cap filter

      • Output 2 (bass)

        • Single open air inductor filter 100hz

      • Ouput 3 (subbass)

        • Single open air inductor filter 50hz 

    • Sensitivity :  97 dB (1W/1m)




Tri-Art B5 Reference Open Baffle Speakers. At True Audiophile.

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