The E.A.T. Story

The E.A.T. Story


 The European Audio Team has a long and admirable history in the Audio World.

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In the 1990's Jozefina Lichtenegger got her introduction to the limitless world of vacuum tubes. While working as the representative for VAIC vacuum tubes in the west, she worked hard on understanding and promoting VAIC which at the time was considered to be one of the most revered and sought after brands available.

As you read on you'll find Jozefina was never an idle observer.

Eventually, EuroAudioTeam (EAT) was formed in 2003. A cooperative of tube enthusiasts and engineers dedicated to building the best audio power tubes in the world. Manufactured in Prague, Czech Republic on former Tesla Vršovice facilities and using its equipment. Each EAT tube was hand constructed with the best materials and attention to detail possible.  All finished tube set were individually auditioned before leaving the factory to insure the most accurate matching and sound presentation.


Jozefina has restarted the factory and the tubes are made the same precise manor. In the meantime, she has turned EAT into a very admirable turntable factory utilizing some of the most desirable materials ever seen on a table at their prospective prices.

Those experience fueled her passion for audio. She has gone onto spending her life dedicated to musical reproduction that is faithful to the original performances. In her own words:

Music is why we are here. Everything is music and music is everything.

You cannot touch music, but you feel it when your heart is open to it.

There are many different styles of music. When you are young, you respond by instinct. Maturity however, brings with it the ability to understand one or more of the myriad genres, and the need for maturity is fulfilled when you start to feel the message that the music wishes to reveal to us. Music tells us the stories that we need to hear in any given time. Music makes our lives richer, more meaningful and more substantial.

All European Audio Team high performance products have been designed to bring us as close as possible to the meaning and spirit of the original composition and performance. We become a part of the performance.

Music transcends the boundaries of language and culture. It is communication with one's soul.

We invite you to experience the delights and revelations of music through components created by those who love music as much as you do.

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