Taket BatPro II SuperTweeter. Expand your Soundstage

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Air Motion Transformer Taket BatPro II SuperTweeter. The Easiest Tweak to Accurately Expand your Soundstage.

We've been following Supertweeters for years. Their effect was undeniable. But the cost? Yeow. These are imported directly from Japan and come is simple versions like the Bee Pure to the Batpro to the extreme Bat Masters. With each you get your money's worth which is what True is all about. -- TA 

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The addition, or indeed subtraction, of the BatPro's was immediately and definitely noticeable. With them connected there was a sharpening up of what I call the leading edge of instruments, which equates to an increase in definition/clarity. This effect is noticeable all the way down to the subterranium rumble of 32" flue bass organ at 16 Hz. They have now been in my system for over 8 months and subsequent tests with other people in attendance have brought similar results - they add positively to the sound as mentioned.

... they do as advertised and add quality and tone to the perceived sound. TNT Audio

BATPRO 2 Supertweeter are truly transformational and are compatible with all Loudspeakers topologies. 
Maximum rating : @35V
Impedance; : @8ohms
Reproduction frequency band region : 18kHz -150kHz or more
The maximum output sound efficiency : 100dB/W/m Five stage switch
Mass : About 300 grams
Size : 125mm (width) x 90mm (height) x 100mm (depth with terminals)
Drive system : Polymer Piezo-Electric Heil type
Adjustable SPL efficiency via 5-way switch :

OFF :  @ 50dB
1 :      @  70dB
2 :      @  80dB
3 :      @  90dB
4 :      @100dB

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Taket BatPro II SuperTweeter. At True Audiophile

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