Stage III D:Code Precision Digital Link 1M

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Stage III  D:Code Precision Digital Link  1 Meter

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D:CODEdigital cables have been specifically tailored to fit the precise requirements of digital signal transmission. The fine gauge center conductor transmits micro-voltages cleanly and without affecting the precise timing that is essential for accurate digital signal transfer.

The use of an air dielectric for digital applications is ideal in eliminating conductor/insulation interactions and avoiding distortions, which is particularly important considering how extremely delicate and fragile this type of signal can be. Proper spacing between conductor and shield achieves optimum propagation velocity for ultra-fast, precise datastream flow. Stridency, glare and harshness common with inferior cables, will be replaced with a smoothly defined clarity, thanks also to a total lack of any cable-induced jitter.

This design represents a new benchmark in digital interface and will perform at a level rarely attainable by other data links, even when used with the most revealing and accurate equipment.

D:CODE Product Specifications:

D:CODE S/PDIFdigital cables are coaxial and employ a single AeroStrand Micro™ conductor in addition to a fine mesh silver braid return. 3-level TriSilencer™ shield system. Available with 75 ohm WBT Nextgen Silver RCA plugs or Furutech silver/rhodium BNC connectors.

D:CODEAES/EBUbalanced digital cables are dual-coaxial and employ two AeroStrand Micro™ conductors with silver braid returns. Exclusive TriSilencer™ shielding. Terminated with specially modified 110 ohm Furutech XLR plugs with solid silver contacts.


D:CODE Product Features: 

RCA or BNC Type:

• $1,600 1 meter
Add $350 per .5 meter

XLR Type:

• $1,800 1 meter
Add $500 per .5 meter


True Audiophile | Stage III  D:Code PRECISION DIGITAL LINK  1 Meter

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