Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus Monitor Speaker Sensation

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Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus Monitor Speaker Sensation.

We've heard previous versions of the small speaker in the past and were always floored. We never heard any small speaker come close. Many people at the shows kept looking for the subwoofer. Us included.

Finally after hearing all the players we decided Silverline Minuet Supreme were too much of a speaker to pass on and we now carry them. In Rosewood as shown they only $699/pair. This is really amazing. We heard boutique speakers that were more and couldn't touch these.Consistently rated as recommended components by the major stereo magazines--TA

NOTE: Only Available in Piano Black Finish

These little jewels set a new level of performance for compact sized monitors regardless of price. Don't let size fool you. These small speakers can handle high current solid state amplifiers effortlessly and will put out room rocking sound levels. They can also sing sweet and loud with lower power output single ended tube amps such as a 7 watt output 300B tube amp. Silverline custom built treated paper cone mid/woofer and fabric dome tweeter are state of the art magic, making the Minuet so unique and outstanding. There are so many ways to use them, you will need to try a pair and let your wild imagination guide you. 


Design (Bass Reflex):

2 way
1" silk dome tweeter
3.25" pulp paper cone mid/woofer

Frequency Response:

55 - 28,000 Hz


88.5 dB

Nominal Impedance:

8 ohms

Crossover Frequency:

3500 Hz

Recommended Power:

10 -300 watts RMS

Dimension (H x W x D):

9" x 5.5" x 9.25"

Shipping Weight:

18.5 lbs./pair

Speaker Connections:



US $699.-/pair


Real Rosewood Veneer
Piano Black (+ $50.-/pair)


Silverline Minuet Supreme Plus Monitor Speaker Sensation. Now at True Audiophile.

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Condition: New
Width: 16.00
Height: 14.00
Depth: 13.00
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Warranty: Reviews for the Silverline Minuet Supreme:

Stereo Times: "The Mouse that Roared. After a few minutes of listening at a fairly loud volume, I thought the Minuets sounded pretty good. Yun switched to a piece of music that had fairly low bass; which was reproduced with detail and authority. After the clamor settled, someone stated the Minuets couldn’t possibly have produced the good low bass notes, and asked where the subwoofer was hidden. Of course, there was no subwoofer. I visited the Silverline room several more times during the show and in each instance, I overheard show attendees ask where the subwoofer was hidden....For their size, the Minuet Supreme Plus loudspeakers do a lot of things well musically. Heck, they are musical speakers regardless of size. They are resolving, tonally neutral and handled all the different types of music I threw at them with aplomb. At $699 for a pair, they are overachievers.

Full Review 

The Absolute Sound: ...ability to produce a complete picture of the soundstage with no hint as to the actual location of the drivers or box. My test for this is simple; I close my eyes, spin around in my chair a couple of times, and then try to pick out where the speakers are. With the Minuet Supremes I failed miserably.

Full Review 

Bound for Sound:Small speakers have limitations, it would be foolish to think otherwise. The tricks that Alan has employed do not violate the laws of the universe. No, instead, Alan utilizes those universal laws to his benefit by using effective crossover designs along with the latest in driver technology at the price point. It’s also a balancing act of sorts, blending the ingredients of speaker design in ways are not only relate to science, but to art …emes I failed miserably.

Positive Feedback I was first struck with how graceful yet modest Alan Yun's speaker designs are. The signature footprint of a Silverline speaker, from the outset, always has been understated elegance with enormous sonic presence...The Minuet speakers are no exception to that early ambition. If anything, Alan Yun has taken his original small speaker designs and squeezed them toward greater miniaturization with larger degrees of audio output and higher reaches of distortionless sonic clarity. These extremely small music boxes so far outflank anyone's initial visual expectations that I'll essentially defy anyone to look at them cold, without a moment's hearing, and imagine their full musical pedigree.Full Review 

Stereophile "Silverline Audio's Minuet is an uncolored, detailed, and dynamic performer that competes with the best designs I've heard at its price. But even more special than that...It's brilliantly designed lifestyle choice that will satisfy audiophiles while providing a Spouse Acceptance Factor that's off the charts" Robert J. Reina of Stereophile

Sound and Vision "Like David in a world of Goliaths, Silverline Audio’s Minuet Supreme Plus is the kind of small speaker that makes listening to music an addictive pleasure. Full Review  *Minuet" is also a recommended component on Stereophile magazine.