Revelation Audio Labs Cryo-Silver Power-Free USB 2.0 DigitalLink cable

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Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy Cryo-Silver Power-Free  USB 2.0 Digital Link cable

We are incredibly excited to carry what we consider the finest USB cable in the world made by Revelation Audio Labs. We have listened to most everything as have our insane Computer Audiophile friends and reviewers. Without question this CRUSHES all others out there we've heard. We do not think you will be disappointed.


Same as our DualConduit™ USB cable, but comprised of ONLY the single digital signal conduit, conductors, connector pins, etc. This cable is specially designed to handle only the delicate digital music signal and the digital signal only. This version omits the power conductors and connections all together. No corrupted computer power runs through this cable to your processor at all.

This cable is ONLY for use with equipment or set-ups that do not require power to be supplied from the PC / source component (certain processors such as dCS, systems with separate linear or battery power, etc.). A standard USB cable (i.e. all other USB cables) transfer power and signal. When you use this cable with equipment that does not need the USB cable to transfer power, the benefits and sonic improvements that are gained by using such a cable are utterly profound. Please confirm that your equipment does not need power to be transfered by the USB cable before you order this cable.

Length is 1.25 Meters  Custom lengths available, please contact us

$100 per additional 0.5-meter

Input end - Type A connector 

Output end - Type B connector (mini-Type B connector as an option)

Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy Cryo-Silver Power-Free  USB 2.0 Digital Link cable. Now at True Audiophile

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Width: 13.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 3.00
Shipping: Free Shipping
Warranty: Reviews from real customers: I've had a chance to let my new Revelation Audio Labs 'Prophecy' CryoSilver Reference DualConduit USB 2.0 Digital Link Cable break in for 250 hours, and my music playback has been completely transformed and considerably better sounding than it did when the cable was new, and amazingly better than using a standard upgrade USB cable! When I broke in the RAL 'Prophecy' i2s Bus cable in on my Audio Alchemy digital front end back in 2004, it brought a substantial improvement in sound quality, but the sonic improvements that your RAL 'Prophecy' Dual Conduit USB Cable has manifest brings a much deeper level detail, a more accurate tonal correctness and authentic imaging than I have ever heard before in over 30 years of seeking improved sound quality from my audio system. Thank you so much for creating this amazing USB cable which has brought my music playback alive in a way that I could only dream of before! I would be honored if you would like to use any of my comments about the amazing Revelation Audio Labs 'Prophecy' CryoSilver Reference DualConduit USB 2.0 Digital Link Cable, because you have created the one and only USB cable that makes a wonderful improvement in sound quality where everyone said it could not be done, which to me qualifies it as a sonic miracle! I came across the $3,500 Locus SinoSure v2 single conduit USB cable the other day and I noticed that they had filled this huge cable with very complicated wire geometry in an effort to do what you have so simply and much more effectively done with your innovative Dual Conduit design. —Stephen W. (Sept. 2011) “The cables (Prophecy i2s and Parable power cords) arrived today. I hooked them up and there was an immediate sense of more information and fine detail of greater image specificity within a space. This is an across-the-board system improvement that would have required thousands of dollars of investment in new components. I will now try to resist the temptation to listen while they cook for the recommended burn-in period.” Thanks, A.J.