Revelation Audio Labs Cryo-Silver Reference S/PDIF Digital Link cable

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Revelation Audio Labs Paradise Prophecy Cryo-Silver Reference S/PDIF Digital Link cable

We have listened to the full line from Revelation Audio Labs and with many audiophiles in attendance we've concluded this represents the best value in silver audio analog connectors.

True 75 ohm characteristic impedance. Employs WBT Nextgen™Ag (silver) Signature RCA connectors - the first and only RCA connector designed to provide the required 75 ohm characteristic impedance for digital audio. Optional Oyaide SLSB™ BNC connectors, featuring 4N pure silver center pin and Silver / Rhodium plated outer case / signal return.

Price is for 0.5M

1M - $549

$50 per additional 0.5-meter

Revelation Audio Labs Paradise Prophecy Cryo-Silver Reference S/PDIF Digital Link cable at True Audiophile

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Condition: New
Width: 13.00
Height: 12.00
Depth: 3.00
Shipping: Free Shipping
Warranty: Reviews from real customers: “Hello Brad, I would like to thank you for your S/PDIF digital cable and how it has transformed my system. The cable took a few days to settle in, sounding a bit thin and analytical at first. After the burn in period the sound was transformed and I could hear the true potential of my Perpetual Technologies P-1A/P-3A DAC combo for the first time. I think that anybody who has the RAL 'Prophecy' i2S cable should seriously consider using the RAL S/ PDIF from their transport to the P-1A. I am not exaggerating it was like upgrading a piece of equipment it was that good from high frequencies to bottom all seamlessly integrated and sounding neutral, true to the timbre of the individual instruments. The speed of the cable is also amazing so that micro details in the recordings that I didn't even know were there now add to the sense of immediacy and realism, of musicians playing real instruments. You have to hear this for yourself as I was a little skeptical at first thinking merely that the cable would change the color of the sound rather than transform the whole musical experience of the system as it did. Given that Brad offers a no quibble 30 day return policy, as you Americans say, trying this cable in your own system is a no brainer. ” —Alex, UK “I received the cables today. They are OUTSTANDING!! You should advertise the power cables more. The I2S is much better than the original. You have a great product and you should be very proud.” “Music flowed, far more musical than the Mystic i2s. God bless you and yours. With such a great product and customer service, your business should prosper. I surely hope it does.” “Your cable has arrived, and is, indeed, already a noticeable improvement over the Mystic Reference...I'll review it when the burn-in seems to have completed.” “Just gave the cable its first listen. It is FAR more musical than the Audio Magic.” “I think the cables are a wonderful improvement. Right out of the box it gave me incredible holographic imaging and wider soundstage.” “I finished burning in my Prophecy i2S digital link cable, and then sat down to do a serious A/B comparison with a cable I made myself from some VH audio cotton insulated silver wire. I thought sure my homemade cable would be just as good if not better, since it was utterly minimalist in design. I have an associate's degree in electronic systems technology, and have been an electronics technician in the U.S. Air Force for almost 18 years — all my training and experience tells me a digital cable should have no effect on audio whatsoever. I should be able to stick almost any conductorÊin the circuitÊand itÊdo just as well as the most expensive digital cable, but that's not what I heard. Realizing that human nature would not allow me to be objective, I asked my wife to listen with me. She didn't know which cable was which, yet our observations were identical. My cable had a slightly grainy quality which I would have never noticed if I hadn't had yours to compare it against; yours simply sounded smoother, but paradoxically, there was more detail. And more presence. It sounded like I was a little closer to the musicians and singers. So now I'm mad. I was all proud of myself for designing this cable that would be just as good as your expensive snake-oil cable, and then I could send your cable back for a refund and laugh at you all the way to the bank. Instead I'm keeping it and crawling off to lick my wounds. And try and figure out why mine didn't sound as good.” —C.M. more reviews: Digital Link cables Power & A/C Mains cables Analog Interconnect cables Loudspeaker cables