Jelco TK850S ToneArm New Knife Edge Bearing

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Jelco TK 850S Tonearm. Better Realism. Tracking. Precision.

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Being dedicated TurnTable enthusiasts and Precision Alignment Experts we're always looking for arms that look as good as they perform. At a low price for a quality tonearm the new Jelco arms with Knife Edge Bearing are lighting up Audiophiles.  Redefining what's possible in a moderate priced tonearm. --TA

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Let's start with real-world reviews from actual users:

Absolutely no "play" or tendency to vibrate.

An improvement in soundstaging is immediately obvious as is speed of attack, or rise-time. 

Depth and width are improved. The music is more colorful. 

Trombone sounds more golden than I recall while the guy playing tuba sounds like he is huffing and puffing into the instrument. 

An added realism. Rim shots are faster and snares portray more insight into the rattles -the metal has color and feel...a mechanical quality. Percussion is much improved. 

Surface noise seems reduced, surpassed even. 

Wonderful vocals and very dynamic with jump out of the stage piano fortissimo that I have never heard before. 

Highs better with oodles of detail but no harshness. More black space between notes... 

This thing makes music like I’ve never heard. It is a taste of the high end which is lacking in the 750.

One thing that has become increasingly apparent is that older analog recordings are simply amazing. Much increased detail throughout the frequency range. 

I can hear plucked bass strings vibrating against each other where they are innocuous on the lesser arm. Tiny details like the metallic shimmer of a percussion bell are exquisite. 

This arm is transformative.

The 850 is beautifully engineered

The soundstage is bigger and fuller - better clarity and focus - there is more energy and drive - more emotion and “clues” as to how the artists are actually playing/performing. 

Definitely more low level information being retrieved in low and high frequencies. 

I am hearing stuff for the first time! Tone-wise I’d describe it as slightly “sweeter” than the 750 but I suspect this is the silver rewire talking. 

Overall it’s more musical and gets nearer to the “real thing” I guess.

Honestly I could go on and on with superlatives but suffice it to say the arm has brought out the best of the Koetsu Urushi — an excellent pairing. 

  • Bearing for vertical direction equipped super steel metal KNIFE EDGE system.
  • This Knife Edge material is specially made of super steel, and have very stable and smooth operation.
  • This Knife Edge is precision hand made, and result is to have very low friction.
  • Designed Hi-mass type system, and deferent kind metal material used for anti vibration, those are very low gravity, and low gravity sound created from this.
  • Simple mechanism create good reproduction sound.
  • The tonearm geometry allows for a Baerwald alignments which is IEC recommendations.
  • This universal type counterweight can be used from 17 to 35 grs cartridge weight including head shell.
  • TK-850S is fitted with a standard head shell and can easily be changed with other standard head shell (cartridge).
  • This attached head shell can adjust the azimuth angle of the cartridge.
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