HiFiMan Ananda. All new, Ultra-Thin, Faster, More Transparent

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All NEW! Ananda. Superior to the Edition X. Less Money.

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Like you, we are insanely picky on every product we carry. After listening to all the headphones at all the audio shows we narrowed down the best of the best. Time and time again, HiFiMan rose to the top. All the rave reviews. Amazing claims that some are the best in the world convinced us to provide our customers with these headphones and headphone amps.-- TA

Editor's Choice Award 2019 by PC Magazine - Editor's Rating 5 Stars out of 5 Stars. -- It isn't often we award five stars to a product. The last pair of headphones to earn this distinction were the Grado GS1000 in 2007...(see the full review in the review tab)

Planar performance that can be driven with a DAP/Smartphone.

Ananda now formally replaces the Edition X. This amazing new product shares the Ultra Sensitivity and the Ear Cup of the Edition X, but that’s where the similarities end.

All new Ultra-thin Planar drivers are faster and more transparent. The performance upgrade is mind blowing. HiFiMan completely redesigned the Headband which now features an aluminium frame and yokes. The adjustment system is more robust as well.

Patented "Window Shade" System was created to meet the needs of driver protection while being optimized for open-back design


ec-logo-lg.pngIt isn't often we award five stars to a product. The last pair of headphones to earn this distinction were the Grado GS1000 in 2007. Before you get too excited about the rating at the top of the page, however, keep in mind the HiFiMan Ananda headphones reviewed here cost $999. That's no typo—three 9s. Their planar magnetic drivers and open design provide a superb sense of space and detail throughout the frequency range. In my testing, it felt like I was hearing some tracks I've listened to for years for the very first time. Simply put, the headphones sound astonishingly good, and join an elite five-star club—and obviously earn our Editors' choice award, as well...Read the full PC Magazine Review of the HiFiMan Ananda by clicking here.




* Frequency response : 8Hz - 50KHz

• Impedance : 25 Ohms

• Sensitivity : 103 dB

• Weight : 399g



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All new HiFiMan Ananda. Ultra-thin, faster, more transparent. At True Audiophile.com

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