HB Cable Design PowerStar Horizon Power Distribution

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Superior Audio Grade Power Distributor

These remarkable completely custom component power distributors from German are jaw dropping in their performance. Most power conditioners add their own sonic artifacts while cleaning the power. Many high end dealer have been so exhausted by promise and not neutrality that some have given up. These power distribution centers pass unlimited current so you can plug your demanding amps into it as well. Not many if any power conditioners can claim that which is why manufacturers recommend plugging their amps into the wall. No filters. No fuses. Just more slam, more nuances, more vibrant presentation, more excitement to every level of the music.  True Audiophile mini review 


An optimized energy supply can bring about an almost dramatic improvement in sound quality. The smoother the flow of current the better the quality of the signal transported by the current to the listener. 

The optimization of the electric signal, and thus the creation of a strong energy potential that serves as the foundation for rich sound transmission – that is the primary goal of an optimal energy supply. 

The PowerStar Horizon power strip ensures that a clean, distortion-free and stable connection to the power supply is maintained at all times.

PowerStar Product Features:

• Extreme build quality
• Unlimited dynamics

• High resolution with decay and micro detail

• Creates a new standard in magic sound staging 
• Made with high quality parts
• Special internal connection conception

• Constant and full energy supply for any A/V system on the worldwide market 


Product Specifications:

Acrylic glass polished black

6 places with custom made sockets, made in Germany with gold-plated contacts to improve transition resistance

IEC plug:
Custom made appliance plug, made in Germany with gold-plated solid contacts, copper alloy with 2-layer gold plating; anti-magnetic

Internal wiring:
Selected silver and copper for use as conductor materials
All contacts with gold plating for optimal transition resistance
Internal wiring for each place 20 mm
Banana plug inlet for grounding a turntable or component
Use of special construction parts for noise and vibration damping

Internal grounding:
About housing; no filter, no fuses!

Length: 22.2”
Width: 4.7”
Height: 4.6” (including device feet)

9.0 lbs.


HB Cable Designs PowerStar Horizon superior power cleaning. Now available at True Audiophile.

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Warranty: Glowing review from Dagogo

"Ihe Horizon my system had really, absolutely no hum, less noise. It sounded fundamentally better, had a bigger soundstage, and it equaled the Shindo Mr. T in musical flow and P.R.a.T....I’ve tried so many power conditioners that I won’t try to list all of them. In the end, I am a firm believer in the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle when it comes to audio design. Just look at my system, it only has three power cords, and one pair of interconnects plus the tonearm cable. The HB Designs Power Star Horizon fits right into that principle. I can’t wait to get the Acrylic and the Marble in for a listen."

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