Gold Note PSU-10 Power Supply for PH-10 Phono Pre. A MUST.

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Gold Note PSU-10 Power Supply for PH-10 Phono Preamp. A Must for superior Performance.

At True Audiophile

Gold Note is extremely well-known amongst the turntable purists. We've been eyeing the line for quite a while. Once in our hands Gold Note lived up to its reputation and beyond. Every product is built with an Italian eye and passion for detail. Everything Gold Note makes is just levels above most TT gear out there. Their perfectionism makes our lives easier. Their value will make your ears and body feel the true essence of the music. - TA 

"This is killer stuff! Nor am I alone at Positive Feedback in my growing enthusiasm for Gold Note." -- David W. Robinson Read Full Comments here.


The PSU-10 is a super inductive power supply exclusively designed for the PH-10 phono stage.

Engineered with the best quality audio-grade components PSU-10 features a dual choke design powered by a double inductor driving the negative and positive high current stages and featuring and inductive filter on the analogue stage.

The Gold Note proprietary Dual Chokes Design perfectly filters the signal voltages in order to eliminate all the possible electrical noise coming from the AC power system.

The PSU-10 uses its massive power supply to shield the PH-10 phono stage from electro-magnetic interferences thus insulating it effectively from the AC power system.

The large, ultra-clean power enhances super low noise, greater dynamic, better resolution and finer details for a more realistic high-end audio performance and pure audio pleasure.

PSU-10 is able to help PH-10 extracting every single detail guaranteeing the best dynamic, resolution and realism music experience listening to vinyl.

The PSU-10 can deliver high quality power using four transformers three of which are dedicated exclusively to the pure power supply and with one separated transformer dedicated to the inductive filter.


Black, Silver or Gold


Four rail audio grade power supply
Four ultra low noise voltage regulator
+12V, +5V for logic
+/- 14V for analog with inductive noise remover
Line regulation for all output 0,05 %/V
Load regulation for all output 0,05 %Vu
Line noise rejection >80dB
Common mode noise rejection >80dB
3 Kg
Main supply: 100/120V & 220/240V (50/60Hzautomatic selection)
Nominal power: 25W
Dynamic power: >50W
Stand by power: <1W
Full power response time <2,5usec



Gold Note PSU-10 Ultra low noise power supply for PH-10 Phono Stage. At True Audiophile.

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