Exogal Ion PowerDAC. When an Amp is Not an Amp

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Exogal Ion PowerDac with HyperDrive. When an Amp is So Much More. 

At True Audiophile

NOTE: Due to the virus, production of this unit has been temporarily halted. We expect Exogal to resume production in the coming months.

This is the companion piece to the Exogal Comet. And it's just as unique working like no other DAC you've read about, let alone heard.. -- TA

The Ion can also be purchased as a Bundle with the Comet DAC for $7200.00 SAVE $500!

"to be or not to be ...digital sounding ... not !" DIGITAL ENIGMA

It’s as revolutionary as the Comet. It has no gain. It’s a variable power supply that can switch from the lows to highs within fractions of a second.  

This gives it a transient response of 100,000 kHz which means that rapid changes in volume occur with less "lag" due to gain stage delays and feedback loop delays. Which means the Ion can create the sound signals faster as they occur in the recording.  

The ION also monitors your speaker giving it the power it needs when it needs it. By doing this ‘ringing’ and ‘overshoot’ damping the signal digitally when needed so you get more of a ‘live’ sound. Instant to instant, note to note. Every ‘bit’ of bandwidth. 

"WOW! Just WOW!
I am SHOCKED about how much better my system sounds post HyperDrive upgrade.
You really need to charge 3x or 4x more money as it is well worth it.
I would estimate a 25% increase in bass/soundstage and overall sound.
Way beyond any expectation.
The interesting thing is I was completely satisfied before the upgrade as love love this system.
So you know, I have listened to hundreds of system costing 10x the price and Exogal products simply sound better. Closest to analogue of any digital system. PERIOD."
-- KJ

"Can report no regrets about the upgrade! There’s of course no room for blind A/B in such things, and there is a human tendency to want it to sound better—that said, I just put this http://open.qobuz.com/album/qt5t3wy6twlvc?track=54360456 on randomly, and was struck by how punchy and tight everything is. After a few days listening to a variety of very familiar tunes, I’m really please with where my whole system is now at. Thanks again for a great product and outstanding customer service without the usual bullsh-t." - Brent S.

"Jeff, the Ion is wonderful with rich, balanced, natural, detailed sound, all from such a small box it seems miraculous. It is also dead quiet. It is nice not to need all those snake oil cables. The Comet works perfectly. [...] I look forward to the release of your new product although I don’t use Roon, Tidal and all that being into classical music and some jazz. Thanks, rt" - Robert T.

"Listening to Planet Drum tonight. I am surprised and very pleased with the resolution - particularly the bass resolution - at lower volume levels. It is very clear with notes jumping out in the right way. Instruments have more character. I think my Silverline speakers are less laid back, and more energized - piano sounds a bit more powerful, closer to the real thing.

I think your changes took a while to break in, but they are there and a very worthwhile upgrade. Cheers.

Hope all is moving along well with the Vortex." - Alan Y.

Ion, the perfect amplification companion for the Comet

The Exogal Ion is a high performance PowerDAC that is specifically designed to be an amplifier and processing extension to the Comet. The Ion connects to the Comet via the EXONET Interface and provides 125 watts per channel (into 8 ohms).

The Ion integrates fully with the Comet and there are no complicated remotes or apps required - the Comet handles it all for you! Simply connect the Comet and the Ion together with one cable and you're done!


The Ion PowerDAC now incorporates some internal changes, yielding significant performance improvements. Existing Ions can be upgraded - see below.

Greater than 10% improvement in PowerDAC output power regulation, giving:
  • Approximately 10% more effective power
  • More robust bass at lower volumes
  • More articulate highs at louder volumes
  • Higher roll off frequency giving greater range
  • Flatter, more realistic frequency response all across the Ion's frequency and volume range 
Also provides:
  • More reliable performance across wider mains voltage ranges
  • Faster, more accurate predictive speaker protection 
  • Increased tolerance and protection from anomalous behavior 

Existing Ion PowerDACs without HyperDrive can be upgraded. The cost in the US is $500, higher elsewhere.



POWER OUTPUT: 125W 8 ohms per channel, 150 watts peak power

MINIMUM LOAD: 2 ohms per channel

PEAK OUTPUT CURRENT: 10 amperes per channel


THD: 0.03% THD @ 1W @ all frequencies into 4 ohms

OUTPUT NOISE: 170uVRMS A-weighted 10Hz-20KHz

VOLTAGE GAIN: NA, Digital Input

DAMPING FACTOR: > 30 into 1 ohms, >100 into 4 ohms

OUTPUT IMPEDANCE @ 100Hz: < 0.03 ohms

DYNAMIC RANGE: >105dB, A-weighted


INPUT CONNECTION: EXONET, proprietary digital interface

OUTPUT CONNECTION: 3-way Binding Post (Bare Wire, Banana Jack, Lug)

OPERATING POWER: 800 W Max, Typical 50W


OPERATING VOLTAGES: Universal , 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz

SIZE: 1.875 x 7.45 x 11.5 in., (47.6 x 190 x 292 mm)

WEIGHT: 9 lbs, 4.08 kg



"The Exogal Comet and Ion are a fascinating pairing that offer remarkable immediacy, spaciousness, and detail for the asking price. You will be hard pressed to find a pre/DAC/power amp combo that will beat these two across the board, and if your music is in a digital format, it will be an even longer search." - Jason Kennedy HiFi+ Click here for Full Review

"With the HyperDrive upgrade the Comet and Ion take top honors in terms of DAC/amp combos I have reviewed. It’s a very good thing for other amp makers that the Ion is captive to the Comet DAC because if this performance were available in an Exogal amp apart from the commitment to the Comet, not only might class A and A/B amps suffer in comparison, even class D would find justification difficult. They had better hope Exogal doesn’t produce a stand-alone amp." Doug Schroeder, Dagogo Magazine Click here for Full Review 




Exogal Ion PowerDac. When an Amp is So Much More. At True Audiophile.

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