ELAC DS Series Integrated 80W Amp/streamer/server

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ELAC Discovery DS-A101-G Integrated 80W Amplifier/server with Roon end point. Server ready. Built-in room correction. EA101EQ-G

At True Audiophile

This mighty little amp is packed with musical tech we haven't seen in any integrated amp at this price. Its 80W A/B performance however the circuitry is actually 160W meaning it can quickly send more power for transient spikes to either speakers or sub. Its special Class D is only used for its power while the Class A/B is the output. Its our favorite small amp. --TA

Best Integrated Amplifier: ELAC EA101EQ-G - Home Theater HiFi 2018

ELAC’s EA-Series EA101EQ-G is a fantastic nerve center for any 2.0 or 2.1 channel system, thanks to ABC, plenty of power, and current drive to stay relevant through speaker upgrades, an excellent control app, and enough inputs for a fairly complex A/V system. The EA101EQ-G looks elegant but not too flashy, allowing it to fit into any number of home or office systems. Jay Haider

If you’re looking for an integrated amplifier, we would advise that you not judge a book by its cover. This little amp may be inexpensive, but like most of the products coming from ELAC these days, the EA Series Integrated Amplifier drastically outperforms expectations for the cost. -- AudioAdvice 2018

"A headstart for happiness with the ELAC Element" -- John Darko 

**Note** Same as the Elac EA-101 series which is reviewed and loved. This amp differs by being a streamer and Roon End Point as well as Server capable. Added Ethernet and bluetooth. Removed: headphone jack. Sonically, the same great characteristics of the EA-101.

Designed for Audiophile who want modern streaming options to go along with the Performance: Roon-Ready ELAC Discovery DS-A101-G Integrated Amplifier. Power and Control, Features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Room Correction, more

Power, performance, convenience, value. Not enough? How about fits-anywhere footprint: The ELAC Discovery DS-A101-G integrated amplifier. hits the sweet spot with a feature set and sound that exceed its cost.

Built-in Spotify Connect, Dolby Digital Decoding, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Room EQ, the Roon-ready Discovery DS-A101-G can be controlled by your fingertips via ELAC's free app. Which also assists in hassle-free setup.  Both a music and entertainment hub, Discovery DS-A101-G also connects to your TV to enhance the viewing experience.

In the ELAC tradition, the 4.8-pound unit comes loaded with advanced technology and high-grade parts responsible for its head-turning sonics and ability to drive most any speakers with authority. A reengineered BASH tracking amplifier delivers 40Wpc into eight ohms (80Wpc into four ohms) and switches more than 400,000 times per second, ensuring the partnering Class AB amplifier receives only the voltage necessary to provide strapping dynamics and realism. Discovery DS-A101-G's high efficiency is another benefit, and further accounts for itsattention-getting frequency response and purity.

Of course, every cutting-edge integrated amplifier in today's landscape needs to supply versatility. Two analog inputs, two digital inputs, one Ethernet input, one subwoofer output, and a preamplifier output testify to Discovery DS-A101-G's ability to mesh with the customized requirements of your system. Add a remote control and the presence of ABC (Auto Blend & Calibrate) room correction – which tailors your system for flattest frequency response across the audio spectrum, optimized for your listening position and environment – to the arsenal, and it's a miracle Discovery DS-A101-G sells for well under four figures.









Amplifier: BASH Digital Fidelity Tracking Amplifier
Power Output Continuous: 
   2 x 80 Watts 2 channels driven into 4 ohms @ 1kHz
   2 x 40 Watts 2 channels driven into 8 ohms @ 1kHz
   2 x 70 Watts 2 channels driven into 2 ohms @ 1kHz
Power Output Burst (CEA 2010*): 
   120 Watts 1 channel driven into 4 ohms @ 1kHz
   65 Watts 1 channel driven into 8 ohms @ 1kHz
   170 Watts 1 channel driven into 2 ohms @ 1kHz
Power and THD+N, 1kHz: 
   4 ohms 70 Watts @ .07%
   8 ohms 40 Watts @ .03%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: (Full Power Digital input): 101dB
Broadband Frequency Response: 20Hz to 40kHz +/- 1.8dB
Analog Inputs: 2
Digital Inputs: 2 total; 1 optical / 1 coaxial (192kHz 24-bit)
Ethernet/WiFi: 1 / Yes
Subwoofer Output: 1
Pre-Amp Outputs: 1 (L/R)
Bluetooth Audio: Yes
Audio Decoding: Dolby Digital
App Control: iOS and Android control app 
Streaming Service Support: Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, AirPlay, Discovery Ready, Bluetooth
Room Correction: ABC (Auto Blend & Calibrate)
Power Consumption: 
Power Off 120Vac: 86W
Auto Off 120Vac: 5.45W
Dimensions (WHD) in: 8.37" x 2.12" x 11.62" 
Weight: 4.80 lbs. 


ELAC streamer/server amp w/room correction. At True Audiophile.

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"A headstart for happiness with the ELAC Element" -- John Darko Full Review

"Elac’s Element EA101EQ-G amp/DAC nails the sweet spot of price, performance, and worthwhile features with surprisingly audiophile sound and the added value of auto-EQ and app-enabled subwoofer crossover/blending...After a few hours, I simply sat back and listened, and I loved what I heard." -- Daniel Kumin, Sound and Vision Full Review

"..you should be able to enjoy the amp at its best, whether you're in the lounge, shed or anywhere else in the house, and should you move it from one position to another." What HiFi Full Review