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ALL NEW Andrew Jones Mkll ELAC B6.2 2-way, bass-reflex bookshelf speakers 

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These speakers have been a long time coming. In part because of the unbelievable performance for its price. In a flex of audio force ELAC exhibited these speakers at the Audio Shows to long lines of people who waited for their chance to hear these sensational speakers. ELAC chose the simplest setup possible to prove a point. The least expensive amp, one modest source, and these speakers. People could scarcely believe what they were hearing for under $500. There is no speaker in the world that competes with their price/performance.


bic-club.pngWe've put loads of these into homes and commercial spaces. The reactions are overwhelming. Astonishing for what it does for a system at it's price. It gets a BEST in CLASS award -- TA



While we gather all the info here are some of the things that set these speakers apart:

 1. Improved cabinet construction: Thicker panels with full interior bracing to stiffen the cabinet and reduce vibration.

2.  New waveguide on the tweeter for reduced diffraction.

3. Custom punched tweeter grille: More open hole pattern for reduced attenuation above 8kHz.

4. Cast Chassis woofer: The cast chassis eliminates resonance due to the mass of the oversized magnet flexing the chassis and    baffle attachment point, while also further stiffening the cabinet.

5. New spider on the woofer. This improves linearity at large excursion, and helps maintain bass tuning performance at high levels. 

6.  Front slot vent: Using an unusual slot vent arrangement allows for better bass dynamics and lower noise. 

7.  Sophisticated xover network: An 11 element network gives improved frequency response linearity along with controlled off axis response.



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Sensational ELAC Debut Reference BookShelf Speaker

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