Atomic Audio Labs Mac Mini Platform

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Atomic Audio Labs “Mac Platform

The Mac Platform is a superior isolation device specifically designed for the Mac Mini. You’ll be surprised how much the Mac Mini Isolation Platform from Atomic Audio Labs adds to the sound quality of your Apple Mini when used as a music server.

This special sonic platform is precision machined on CNC machines to exacting standards so it is a clear mirror image of your Mac Mini dimensions. It looks like it was made for the Mac Mini not just sonically, but design wise.

We experienced a clearer and a more coherent mid-range. The highs appear to extend with improved clarity and a smooth sweetness. There is now a better sense of time and space around the instruments with the Atomic Audio Labs Mac Platform. The music has a deeper, wider soundstage, with a more focused image. 

Like any good tweak the Mac Mini Sonic Platform has three different sonic accessories that allow you to customize your Mac Platform to your specific system.

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Width: 14.00
Height: 11.00
Depth: 5.00
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Soundstage raves "If you’re using a computer for music playback, you need to treat it as you would any good source component in a well-set-up system. The Mac Platform performed more or less as promised by Atomic Audio Labs, providing a worthwhile increase in sound quality across the entire audioband. While the cost of the Mac Platform may seem high, the cost of the components and accessories of a good high-end system could very well result in the Platform being the least-expensive device in the rack. If you have no trouble hearing differences among cables, power cords, footers, toppers, racks, and different LP or CD masterings, you’ll have no trouble hearing the improvements wrought by the Mac Platform. Now that I’ve experienced it, it’s going to be damn difficult to give it up." Full Review

I was definitely surprised when I heard the top octaves of my system "open up", with seemingly more frequency extension and "air" without the harshness or tizz one might expect. (There must be a measurable difference here... I could even hear it from the next room.) On recordings with which I am intimately familiar, the change (a very positive one) was unmistakable. This was not a "needs a double-blind test" kind of difference, it was completely apparent in a few seconds of listening. The build quality of the platform is exemplary. CNC machining produces an exact fit-match to the Mac Mini. The platform sits on three high-quality spikes (under which I placed a small piece of MDF left-over shelving to protect the glass shelf top). I know that there are other folks here using the Mac Mini as their digital music server, and I would highly recommend that they check out the Atomic Audio Labs Mac Platform. For $299, it made a substantial difference in sound, a difference that I have paid much more for in other system changes over the years. Very nice product!

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