Amarra Music 3.0 Player by Sonic Studios

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ALL NEW Sonic Studios Amarra Music Player

Now at True Audiophile. 

Amarra is the audiophile standard in computer music playback; it reveals the finest detail and nuance in your music.

Amarra 3.0 represents a significant upgrade, with added support for DSD playback and realtime sample rate conversion. Combined, these features bring a consistent user experience regardless of audio interface. 

Amarra includes our mastering quality parametric EQ with presets optimized for high-quality headphone manufacturers such Audeze, KEF, Grado, Nuforce and more.

  • WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, MP3 and more
  • DSD playback 
       - Supports 64/128 DSF formats
       - DSD Converter not required to play DSD
       - Click here to learn more about Amarra and DSD
  • Cache and Playlist modes
  • Real-time sample rate conversion
  • Works with or without iTunes
  • Mastering-legacy 3-Band Parametric EQ
  • Includes Amarra sQ audio processor application for streaming content.
  • Add Optional iRC(b) impulse response correction for bass frequencies
    • Two installations per license - Use on two Macs
Amarra Music 3.0 Player at True Audiophile

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