Acoustic Solid WTB-213 Performance Carbon Fiber Arm

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Acoustic Solid WTB-213 Carbon Fiber Arm. Imported from Germany by True Audiophile 

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With several of the most respected tonearm manufacturers leaving the audio market, we've been on the hunt for fair priced, yet high performance arms. We think you'll like this one both in performance and appearance. -- Mini Review by True Audiophile

Acoustic Solid tonearms forge a passion for music, spatial quality, energetic, and dynamics. Consistent tracking through the groove and nimble. A sense of hearing like never before.

Acoustic Solid | WTB-213: Radial build tonearm mounted horizontally and vertically using Swiss precision steel bearing balls. Bearing clearance both horizontally and vertically fine adjustable. Double side damping system. Tonearm tube is build from carbon, available in silver or black finish. Headshell and attachments are made from aircraft aluminum polished by hand to a high gloss finish.

Difference between the WTB213S: Compared to the WTB213S, the WTB 213 tonearm has an additional damper on the horizontal bearing.



Effective length: 232 mm
Overhang: 16 mm
Offset angle: 23.5 °
Cartridge weight: 5-20 g
Mounting distance: 216 mm


Acoustic Solid WTB-213 Carbon Fiber Tone Arm. Exclusively at True Audiophile.

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