Acoustic Solid Bubinga Wood German Turntable Exclusive Combo

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Acoustic Solid Bubinga Wood Handmade Turntable Imported from German with Exclusive True Audiophile Bundle

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This is a True Audiophile Exclusive. For the less than others are selling this table with common arm and inexpensive cartridge, True Audiophile gives you a superb arm and excellent phono cartridge. This is an incredible set up for true audiophiles. A gorgeous table both in appearance and sonics, The Wand tonearm, again a beauty in carbon fiber and a Hana Cartridge. A $1647.00 SAVINGS! This is the bundle for analog lovers. -- TA

The Acoustic Solid Solid 113 Bubinga uses their classic three-point support layout for maximum stability.

The three feet are individually adjustable for ease of set-up. The 35mm thick platter is made from a special aluminium-lead alloy that has been chosen for its excellent resonance damping characteristics.

The natural leather and acrylic combination platter mat has been carefully designed to damp resonances and vibrations within the record.

The Acoustic Solid, Solid 113 Bubinga provides Acoustic Solid hallmark transparency and musicality in an easy to use package, at a very attractive price with True Audiophile Exclusive components:

The Wand Carbon Fiber Arm by Design, Build Listen from New Zealand and used by top turntable manufacturers.

A Hana High Output MC cartridge that can be used on MM phono stages as well as MC.

A $1647.00 SAVINGS!

Platter: 35mm thick aluminium machined from a single billet Mat: Natural leather with a 3mm thick acrylic layer Motor type: Synchronous Drive: String-drive by a separately housed motor Control: Microprocessor controlled power supply Base: 20mm solid wood, high gloss polished piano finish Feet: Three individually adjustable feet decoupled by Teflon® discs. 


Solid Classic Wood Specifications:

Platter: 35 mm thick aluminum machined from a single billet

Mat: Natural leather with a 5mm thick acrylic layer

Tone arm: WTB 213S with high quality phono cartridge

Drive:String-drive by a synchronous motor

Chassis:40 mm strong real wood veneered MDF board

Dimensions: 470 x 340 mm; 175 mm / 18.5" x 13.38" x 6.89"

Weight: Approx 19 kg /  42 lbs


Acoustic Solid Bubinga Wood Turntable with Exclusive True Bundle at True Audiophile

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