Why Primare


We listened to a boatload of solid state audio products at all the shows and kept coming back to Primare. From the design and reliability to its musicality Primare is one of the best values in solid state today. Alway on the advance, most of their products can be updated via the internet when there is a upgrade rather than sending the product into the dealer or distributor. From their app to control music to the reference build we can't say enough about this line.

Judging by the rave reviews, Primare is so good we wonder how most every reviewer ever lived without it. As you go through the products be sure to look at the magazine review for Primare audio products. One rave after another. Most are com from their home European continent. Now the USA is discovering Primare Audio from Sweden in a big way with similar accolates.


tas-ec.jpgWinner of the prestigious Editors Choice Award for 2014, Primare electronics are winning music lovers to this remarkable brand. The equipement ranges from afffordable to reference pricing but like everything we carry at True Audiophile, its best value in class. 

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