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We carry the complete line of Koestu Cartridges. Please email us for a quote. In the meantime, here's some reviews:

Final thoughts: over a year later…

Living with the Onyx Platinum for over a year, I am still just as smitten as I was the day it arrived for review. It’s easy to get caught up in the romance of any product, and living with cartridges at this level can be like courting a mate. Sometimes the initial excitement wears off. Not here.

The Onyx Platinum, now living happily on a Brinkmann Bardo table with RONT power supply continues to deliver the goods. Yet like a bottle of Macallans 60, I don’t serve it to everyone. This is the cartridge I use for serious, personal listening. When the closed sign is on the door and the reviewer hat hangs on the doorknob, the Onyx is my personal choice. And that’s the highest compliment I can give this cartridge. It is pure analog joy. I believe occasional TONE contributor and hifi reviewer extraordinare, Ken Kessler recently arrived at a similar conclusion in HiFi News...Tone Audio, AnalogAholic

Offering a low noise performance and producing a performance of sparkling clarity, the Koetsu Black is tonally fascinating. The fact that it stretched the boundaries of the soundstage and allowed each instrument to flourish also means that you will be finding new details in even the most familiar of music...The Audiophile Man

Is there a better cartridge to spend you money on? Probably not. Art Dudley Stereophile

The Koetsu Urushi is hand-built by a skilled artisan who push, pull, and bend thise baby into submission before it reaches your hands. it comes in a cool box, is made from exotic materials, has great snob appeal, and will give you pride of ownership. Like the Parnassuss D.D.t, the Urushi has a special ether that can be seen only under particular, mysterious conditions I'm not allowed to divulge. And again like the Parnassus, the Koetsu will cause anxiety attacks during installation and with each play. But if you treat it right, it'll do likewise, and give you years of listening pleasure. Michael Fremer Stereophile

As for me I am sold on Koetsu as my reference cartridge and now the stone body platinum is replacing my Urushi. I will probably keep the Urushi and just suffer through having to own two Koetsu cartridges. Now let’s see do I want blue or green stone…… Gary Lea Dagogo

The Audiophiliac finds analog bliss with the Koetsu Urushi Sky Blue phono cartridge. Cnet Steve Guttenberg

Clarity is quite stunning. The way this cartridge separates individual vocal lines, and allows subtle instrumental passages to be heard, borders on the miraculous. It’s also good at recreating a sense of aural space – revealing the natural hall ambience behind individual voices or instruments.  As a result, each retains more of its identity.

Yet, for all its vividness, the Blue Onyx is surprisingly easy to listen to. It delivers a very coherent sound. Opposing contrasts – high and low, loud and soft, sharp and smooth – co-exist in perfect balance. So the end result is harmonious and cohesive, and the music unfolds in a way that gives you more time to listen – more time to unravel the individual strands that form part of the whole.

It’s the polar opposite of a sound that is aggressive and ‘forward’ – bombarding the ear with a welter of unrelated leading edges so the brain struggles to make sense of it all. The Blue Onyx is delightfully easy to listen to. It delivers a very ‘ear-friendly’ sound. Your brain has less processing to do, so it’s better able to take in the entire musical scene, and make better sense of the whole.

But please understand – the refinement of the Blue Onyx is something innate; not something false that’s grafted on to each recording regardless. It’s very much a pickup that faithfully reflects the individual qualities of each recording – an open transparent window on the music. It will sound sweet and beguiling one moment, then tack-sharp and crisp the next – often during the same track.

Clearly, the Blue Onyx is one magnificent cartridge. It’s among the finest you could ever hope to hear, with few peers when it comes to turning those squiggly grooves into living breathing music. You’ll listen to it with rapt attention – much as you’d listen to real musicians playing live in front of you. Each Blue Onyx is made to order, so there may be a long delay before you get one. But, don’t let that put you off; the wait will be worth it!... HiFi+ Jimmy Hughes


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