Acapella High Lamusika Cables High-Purity Silver. RCA [40% OFF]

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Acapella High Lamusika Cables High-Purity Silver, Ceramic Insulated Interconnects are NEW products. 

40% OFF.

Acapella Silver cables are the best available and state-of-the-art product on the NF-cable market. They are all carefully handcrafted at the factory in Duisburg Germany. It is possible to produce cable according to customer's specifications with a maximum length of 6 meters.

Acapella cable will always be optimized with a special burn-in-procedure. However, experienced and advanced listeners can even identify rises in quality during the play-in time.

With all the excellent high-end cables on the market today, we are pleased to say the High LaMusika cables from Acapella are finest available regardless of price.

The sound is truly live!

High-Purity Silver, Ceramic Insulated 1.5 meter RCA 

Acapella High Lamusika Cables High-Purity Silver, Ceramic Insulated. RCA [50% OFF] Now at Audiophile Outlet Store in True Audiophile

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